Trauma Shadows are typically seen by quohbaans after a traumatic experience with a member of a certain species. For example, if a quohbaan gets traumatized by a human, the human may appear as an oily shadow to that specific quohbaan.
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The coloration of a Trauma Shadow can appear differently from quohbaan to quohbaan, but most see them as being black and red, the same coloration of quohbaan blood. This serves as a warning mechanism that tells the quohbaan that the person or creature that looks like a shadow is dangerous or wants to do harm to them.

In rarer situations, entire species can appear as Trauma Shadows to the person who has been traumatized. This is most often seen in quohbaan children who has been traumatized at a younger age, and thus has developed an intense fear of anybody of the same species as their attacker. This can apply to any species the quohbaan has been traumatized by, even their own species. If the quohbaan sees other quohbaans as Shadows, it can lead to seclusion, paranoia, and insanity.