How it goes

When an Ahgmahdonian creature dies, it's just like when something here on Earth dies. Organs will stop working, thus, making the remaining corpse a mere husk of the being it used to be. An Ahgmahdonian may die for all these reasons; Disease, extreme heat & cold, parasites, starvation, genetic defects, lack of hydration, wounds or infection of wounds, murder, and age.

When an Ahgmahdonian dies, it's essentially their body has been broken down enough that, once the time comes, the brain is unable to accept the magical properties supplied to it by the soul pearl, thus, shutting down with enough time.

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In the wilderness, the bodies of dead Ahgmahdonians are somewhat common depending on what area one is located in. Bodies that one might find are usually eaten, or are already skeletons; the soul pearls of which will be found inside the body due to it being inedible by all Ahgmahdonian creatures, thus they are left with the other inedible parts of the body, such as skeletons and some organs.

If the soul pearl of a dead Ahgmahdonian is left inside the body, the body will decay and rot due to natural causes. The process of decay can take a few weeks to tens of months depending on where the body is located. Locations where a body decays best is in hot areas, such as jungles or deserts.

Reanimation & Soul Pearl Exchanges

Reanimation: Sometimes, a witch or warlock (most commonly a quohbaan witch/warlock) may decide to preform a Reanimation spell. The amount of needed magical experience to preform a Reanimation spell is extremely high, and due to the added rarity of witches and warlocks, people who can successfully perform a Reanimation spell are almost unheard of. The 'art' of reanimating a dead body is ancient, and is done differently from magician to magician, but the few of them that exist and have met would agree that what is needed is: a deceased body with a soul pearl in it, expert knowledge in magic, herbal ingredients or healing spells to prevent further body decay, and permission from whoever was in charge of the body that it is alright to perform the Reanimation spell, although it is not too common to see magicians use quohbaan bodies for such a spell.