Syndraes are essentially Ahgmhadonian fairies. They are named after Krystal's dragon Syndra  (Note: This page is still a WIP)


Syndraes are the smallest species on Ahgmahdon that one would call intelligent. They are primarily noticed for their ability to fly and their surprising magical strength despite their incredibly small size, which is never more than 1.5 feet at head. All healthy syndraes are equipped by four insectoid wings that are either purple or blue (Wing shape varies greatly from syndrae to syndrae), depending on the sex of the syndrae. Male syndraes have blue wings and a more masculine appearance, while female syndraes have purple wings and a more feminine appearance. Most, if not all syndraes are adorned with black, armor-like plates instead of skin, fur, or scales; this natural defense is helpful against smaller creatures, but not so much against much larger creatures, like a quohbaan.

Healthy syndraes are often colorful despite their black plates, the colors themselves often ranges from magenta to cyan; some colors are rarer than others. Deep blue and strong violet are the most common, while strong cyan and strong pink are the most uncommon. Bleached colors, or a less vibrant colors are a sign of either age or sickness. Mortally ill or near death syndraes are almost bleached grey and white, instead of black and purple/blue.

Syndraes often travel in large groups at daytime, and sometimes by night if it's safe. The reason for this is that they don't blend in particularly well where there's no glowing crystals or plantlife, since all syndraes give off a trail of light as they fly that swiftly disappears. They blend in better during the day, as they will most likely appear as a glowing ball of light with a tail during the day, and there's strength in numbers; the syndraes know this. If this doesn't work, they will most likely use their magic or their horns as weapons, as they have claws that doesn't even leave a scratch on a bigger creature.


Syndraes are rarely ever mutated due to their magical properties, but that's not to say that there are slight problems that can arise. These mutations can either be through toxins, curses, or problems with a syndraes soul pearl. Most of these rare mutations are harmless, or at least not lethal enough to end the life of a syndrae.

Behavior & Social Structure

Syndraes live in massive hives that are often built in tree crowns where they are least likely to be harmed. Like birds, syndraes often collect branches, dry grass and leaves which are then strung up by vines to build their hives. They are largely hostile towards non-syndraes, and mostly live only with their own kind; syndraes living with, say, a quohbaan, is extremely rare. The reason for this rarity is because most of the times, quohbaans and other intelligent larger life will use syndraes as lanterns, locking them up in small cages to carry around on dark nights. Either that, or they get sold as a type of pet.

Mischief is a syndraes greatest element. All of them seems to enjoy playing tricks on both each other and quohbaans as a type of revenge, and although this is dangerous for syndraes, most of the time they make it out without harm. It's widely accepted in syndrae society to play pranks, harmful or otherwise, on quohbaans, and sometimes even encouraged. To syndraes, quohbaans are giants that deserve little to no respect.

Most syndrae settlements are run by female syndraes as a type of ancient matriarch that was born due to superstition and the fact that male syndraes are more uncommon than female syndraes.

Personalities & Soul Pearls

The personality of syndraes varies greatly. Some may be meek and submissive, while others more strong-willed and dominant, although it is widely known that all syndraes carries a type of dangerous aura around them; they are an independent species, and even if you hold them within an inch of their lives, they'll rarely co-operate.

The soul pearl of a syndrae is located in the chest, above the heart. Unlike most other ahgmahdonian species, syndraes are not able to have soul pearls of every color, and colors usually range from green to red. All the colors of pearls are equally common.

Like a quohbaan, once the soul pearl of a syndrae has been removed from the chest, they lose all personality, will, and magical abilities. But, unlike quohbaans, the body of a syndrae is heavily dependent on the soul pearl it carries, and a pearl-less body of a syndrae won't last even for an hour; after the pearls removal, the body of the syndrae will get extremely feeble and fragile, and soon after that, it'll collapse into dust.