Welcome to the Ahgmahdon Wikia

This wikia page is dedicated to the world I have created called Ahgmahdon, a fantasy world with touches of Sci-Fi and aliens. Note that I, Shadow-Arcanist, is the sole owner and creator of Ahgmahdon, and this wikia is only intended for people who are interested in the things I create.

I have been hoping to create a comic story following one of my creatures on his adventures, and this page will hopefully detail characters, areas, objects, and species that take place in the comic.


Ahgmahdon is my fantasy/Sci-Fi world that has existed for as long as I can remember. Ahgmahdon itself is a planet that is populated almost entirely off of species I have created, two of the most popular ones being the Quohbaans , and the other being the Zooriihygnos. The reason this wikia exists is so that there is a place for me, Shadow-Arcanist, to write everything down and for others to potentially read.

Latest activity

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